More than 4 days for loading my files?

Dear Roon-Users,
All my musicdatas (over 160 000 tracks - about 3TB) are located on an extended 4TB disk.
Is it normal, that it takes more than 4 days to read and manage all my musicfiles, when I started to connect my extended disk to my Mac mini?

Quite possibly, depending on the spec of the mac mini and the speed of the drive connection. There’s a lot of once-off audio analysis that’s done when you first import your library, which is sizable in your case.

Thanks for your answer - when do you think I have to be alarmed???

Just making the tracks and albums available should not take more than an hour or so, at which point you should be able to play music.
The full indexing (as seen in settings) may go on for a few days however…
So, can you select and play music?

Hey @Anne_Claire_Anke,

Would you mind to describe your setup using this FAQ as a guide.