More than a NUC

Hi there

I’m running the Roon Core on my Asustor NAS. It’s an Intel Gemini Lake J4105 Celeron 4-core processor that runs at 2Ghz with some turbo capabilities . The NAS has 8Gb ram.

I connect to a Bluesound Node over WiFi.

The system never stutters. There are no connection problems and there are no resource problems. I don’t use DSP but I’ve played with it. Mostly parametric equalizer. It works fine.

Here’s a couple of shots of the NAS activity monitor with Roon well into the Isley Brothers “Love the one you’re with”. The first screenshot is without DSP.

And let’s switch on DSP with some parametric equalizer.


That’s right - they’re equal. Every 5 to 10 seconds the display switched to “running” for the Roon Appliance and the CPU usage peaked at 2.3%. I couldn’t catch it in the screenshot before it was back to 0.0%.

I’d gladly be running Roon off of a NUC like my Asus Fanless Mini PC with a similar Celeron processor as the NAS.

I thought this’d be valuable information for people with the same type of basic usage pattern as myself. You don’t have to enter the iX range of processors to have a well functioning system.


You definitely can run Roon on a Celeron or Trurion (my first Roon server was an HP Microserver), and streaming performance is fine even to multiple zones with some moderate DSP.

However, performance is affected on Remotes not the Core with a low specification machine. Browsing your library and using the interface can be laggy.

In my experience, an i3 is more than adequate, and Xeon should be avoid. By far the best experience I’ve had is using ROCK for the Core.