More than one entry for a primary artist

Can somebody please explain to me what this means:

Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 14.08.04

I can understand that there may well be multiple artists with the same name.

I can also understand that some users might prefer their artists to have a different photo or no photo at all.

But I’m pretty sure there’s only one each of these orchestras so I’m wondering… Why are there multiple entries?

I have seen this with other artists as well (a few, not many). I don’t know what the cause is, but as a workaround I merged the respective artists.

What happens if you merge two different artists with the same name, though?

I mean, doesn’t that mean you might get bombarded with even more links to even more people, as Roon propagates your collection with information about artists, none of whom are in any way related to the music you’re listening to?

There are two options:

  • The same name appears twice, but it is the same artist. In this case, merge solve the problem.
  • The same name appears twice, but they are two different artists. For example, Avishai Cohen: there is a bass player and a trumpet player with the same name. In this case, I renamed them “Avishai Cohen (bassist)” and “Avishai Cohen (trumpeter)”.
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But surely Roon’s database should know if there is only one of an artist & not present me with two.

Is it reasonable to assume this is some kind of thing where Roon is crunching numbers from various datasets & not coming up with the correct answer?

Are they user generated artists that have not been curated properly?

I do understand your workarounds, I’m just genuinely curious as to why it’s happening in the first place.

These are metadata errors, and Roon doesn’t always catch them. I’ve got the two LSO entries as well. The first is the genuine LSO, the second is of a discography of some sort of weird “with some famous musician” collaborations. They probably should be merged.

The “Orchestra of St. Lukes” entries are subtly different (check the case of “of”). Probably also can be merged.

I generally report these sorts of metadata issues in the #support:metadata category for Roon Labs to be aware of.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

Changing the subject slightly, I’m often surprised that Roon will automatically combine, say, a soloist, orchestra & conductor as a single entity, thus potentially creating a new artist in my artist list that may only appear once.

If I had a separate artist consisting of, say, “The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra + A. N. Other conductor” for every combo that exists in my record library, I’d be forever scrolling through a swamp of BPOs.

As it is, I always search out the individual entities so that the BPO is only there once, as are each of the other soloists or performers involved.

It does make me wonder what other spurious links might be thrown up if the two you mention were merged. Would the “with some famous musician” become part of the “if you like this you might like that” section? :rofl: