More then one Album picture easy possible/selectable

It is possible to have at least two album pictures ?Eg one front cover and the back cover AT the same time or at least just swap between them with the mouseclick ?

Black Jack, sorry my english is to bad, you are say that i have to read the manual to find out what i can do ?

That’s what manuals are written for.

You can use online translation tools like for example or to help you with that.

As @BlackJack says, you can have multiple images for Album Art (as many as you want). You just have to put the additional images you want Roon to use in the same directory as the album files. Then you can mouse click between them if looking at the album. If playing the album, you can go to “Configure Now Playing” (by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the screen) and from there you can turn on an option for the Now Playing screen to cycle through your artwork if you want it to do that.