More thoughts about listening

And then there’s this -


Thanks for the articles. I try not to listen to my stereo much these days and only to the music is plays. When I catch myself spending too much mental effort on the sound rather than the music, I’ll move a couple feet to the side of the sweet spot to collapse the stereo image and then the audio pyrotechnics fade to the background and the music comes forward.

However, I love building things, and always have an electronics and audio project cooking, so I am always falling back into listening to the components instead of the music.

Settling on a set of speakers and keeping them is really a great tonic for getting off the audio treadwheel. I have built several pairs of electrostatic loudspeakers, some quite impressive, but I always go back to the quads. I am a believer in eating your own dog food, so I use the quads.


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