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I know, once again, an “Unidentified” post…
Well, I’ve read many of them, but I’m gonna stop reading because a lot of them look the same, and none of them give me a straight answer. And I’m not going to ask a question either, because the answers you sometimes see here…
No, I simply have a request: Please, make an option in the album edit section to show the “Unidentified” tag or not. Don’t make it a general option, just album by album. I think it’s an annoying item on my screen when Roon doesn’t agree with my tracks and album, even though they are ripped correctly. So, please give us the choice to get rid of this tag.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

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This belongs in the Feature Request area

I agree with @John_V - this is a Feature Request, so I’ve moved the post to that category in the forum.

For clarification, I assume that you mean an option to remove the Unidentified tag on the Album details screens? E.g.

I thought he meant being able to find and show all unidentified albums together. In Focus, you do have the ability to find identified albums under the first “insoector” listing. If it also had the ability to focus on unidentified albums, then it would be easy to work to get them possibly identified, depending if they are in Roon’s database, of course.

But you can find all the unidentified albums using Focus - simply choose the “Identified” criterion and click on it to turn it into the NOT form (i.e. “Unidentified”).

This NOT function works for some of the other criteria as well…

E.g. Here’s the Identified criterion in use:

Click on it to turn it into the NOT form:

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As Geoff assumed: I want to get rid of this tag on the screen.
When an album is not (correctly) recognized, this “Unidentified” tag is shown on the screen. And I think its is annoying. I don’t like this text on a screen with an album that is in my eyes correct.
So, I’m asking to make an option in the “album edit screen” to show this tag, or not.
That way, everybody who likes it can leave the tag on screen, but for those who don’t like the tag, well, they then can remove it album per album.


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You taught me something, so THANK YOU!! I never knew that “NOT” function existed. I may be 70, but I’m not too old to learn new tricks. super COOL!

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