More Uniformity in UX among desktop, tablet, phone, ARC

I am using Roon on

  1. Windows computer
  2. Android tablet
  3. Smartphone (Roon)
  4. Smartphone (ARC)

This is destroying my brain cells. (1) and (2) are quite similar, which is great. Any differences are so small as to be insignificant.

Using Roon on the phone (3) is frustrating. Important fields are missing, and the UI in some respects is pointlessly different from the UI on a tablet. I realize not everything can fit, but why not make it as similar to (2) as possible?

Then I installed ARC (4). This operates completely differently from Roon on the same phone. For example, removing items from a playlist is entirely different. Adding a TRACK to a playlist is entirely different. It’s just a wildly different experience, even though it’s a front end to the same program.

My wish is that resources be allocated to get the development teams together to provide more unity of experience when using these products. I bought Roon so that I could get the same UX streaming and via USB (1 and 2), and it works well at that. But when I reach for my phone, things go haywire.