More vi key bindings


So we’ve got ‘/’ for search, we need :q to quit, hjkl (obviously).

What others come to mind?

I guess %s/xxx/yyyy/g for tag search & replace should be in there too.



Nice plan, I always liked vi :wq!


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The find and replace command with confirmation could be useful if albums are titled incorrectly?

In this example find all UNIX entries and replace with Linux but prompt first



sed for grownups. Mind you I’ve be very annoyed if Roon announce Emacs mode. A version for VMS wouldn’t go amiss though :smile:

VMS? My great great grandfather told me about that :older_man:


A wise man.

Having a Music server that could keep going after one site gets hit by a meteorite would be a good marketing plus point, however most IA64 kit I’d want located in a different time zone from the typical listening room :smile:

I’d rather have :q! for quit - or at least an ‘are you sure you want to kill your music server’ exit prompt on the core.

Hah. We are mostly vi guys over here. ‘/’ just made sense :smile:

One interesting question is, what is triggered by typing without any Ctrl- trigger.
In the browsers today, it jumps to that point but does not limit the browser.
Search is another behavior, and Focus yet another.

On any device with a real keyboard, just typing is a very convenient action.
Consider the Windows 8 Start page, you don’t have to do anything to trigger a search. You can just start typing “Ex” and Excel shows up, as well as Internet Explorer. And it isn’t just software: I start typing “Miles” and I see Miles Davis on the web, I see the Miles Davis albums I have on my local drive, and I see my colleague Miles Brown and I can click to email or phone him. So by analogy, I would raise the question of what is the right behavior in Roon when I just start typing.

Okay the editor wars have been settle here :smile:

Next issue: git, hg or subversion? :wink:

Yikes! My first job out of Uni was on VMS :scream:


The team I work in still supports VMS :open_mouth:


Given the nostalgia kick then surely SCCS…

Anything but Microsoft Delta …

I loved VMS. Worked at DEC for 15 years (longest 3 month contract ever).

Mind you DEC -> Compaq -> HP. Good companies all of them.


we’re all git all the time over here.

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Next vim plugins and color schemes … no just kidding :smile:

If it can’t be done with Grep it’s not worth doing.