Most Important CPU Specification for Desktop Running Roon Core?

I run the parabolic equalizer, so Roon upsamples everything to 64bit to process. I have noticed that when I try to upsample to DSD128 or higher my computer will go blank and hang - no BSOD (Windows 7). My CPU, a Skylake i7-6700k, passes all stress tests, so the CPU appears to be good.

I built my wife a Windows 10, Core i5-8600k machine. Strongest single-core performance of any intel mainstream processor, I believe. No hyperthreading, and not a high clock rate. I’m considering making my wife’s computer the Roon core.

So, for using filters, the EQ, and upsampling, what is most important: single-core performance, clock rate, or number of cores?

Thanks for your help!

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At the moment single core performance is the important spec where you have a single Roon DSP zone. Multi-core capability will assist with further zones. This may change in the future, but most modern chips with good single core performance will have entirely adequate multi-core also.

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