Most inexpensive ALL-IN-ONE roon amplfier

I use an Apple airport express 2, it is a Roon endpoint and easy to configure. Shure, you need a f.e. Small class d amp, but there are good little amps out there. It is discontinued, but you find the Apple airport express 2nd version easily online and used for 50 euro. And it does AirPlay 2.

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I’ll contact the chap I spoke to at Cornwall


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Yes but not all ChromeCast devices report their capabilities properly. My Naim Atom can support 96/24 via ChromeCast but Roon only capable of 48/24.


I’ve had a response…“currently, it’s via Airplay but expect ARCAM to implement RAAT at a future date”

Personally I don’t see it using Airplay as an issue in practise at this price level - sure it restricts hi-res formats so no mega-upsampling etc. If it gets the basic 16/44 sound right then I’d be happy. Hopefully I’ll be able to see for myself soon.

Oh and I sent a link to this thread to their PR chap, so your comment will get through :slight_smile:


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Thanks very much Phil. Appreciated.

Sorry, I have not been here for a few days but i really appreciate your ideas. I will give you my opinion on a few of your suggestions, so it will be more clear, what I am looking for.

Not enough power to drive decent two way bookshelf my only 87-88db sensivity. And I dont like plastic in my euqipment :slight_smile: Furthermore i am NOT looking for a smart speaker but an AMP.

2 boxes and still not power amp. with power amp about 1.500 €. i did not want to spend more than 1.000.

Have you ever heard it. I dont like the sound of sonos speakers, which kind of scares me away. the technical approach is exactly what i am looking for! but again: plastic!

Not enough power and not all-in-one at all.

I would need at least the C368 to have enough power. But with BluOS option well above 1.000 €.

Plastic, isnt it?

This is a simple power amp? When did i ask for that? :wink:

Yes, Lumin is VERY inexpensive.

Interesting! Thanks for that. Just about the suffiecnt amount of power. Worth testing.

I need a little power to drive decent speakers… NOT lloking for a smart speaker but a networked power amp with roon capability.

dito!!! :slight_smile:

3.000€… too much!

May I ask, what kind of speakers you are driving with the power node?

Generally speaking: I am NOT looking for smart speaker. I am looking for a networked amp with full roon integration. No detours or limitations via chromecast, airplay a.s.o. I also want so be able to control volume with the roon app.

The best suggestions for my purpose have been Blusound powernode, Sonos Amp and the Elac DS-A101. But then again: I knew about those. the perfect solution would be something like those, but more powerful…

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@itzlbritzl Dit you check this one?

Thanks… But not enough power and VERY ugly :wink:

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No speakers, eh? OK, then I’d pick the IQaudio DigiAmp+.

I ordered one earlier this year, along with a Pi and power supply (the 19v model), plus the smoked case and the OSMC remote, and it all cost 117.43 GBP.

So true :joy:

Actually, my NAD 3020 v2 or NAD 3045 plus the Allo digione, is a viable solution. In price point, and while 2 boxes, they are smaller together than just one of any of the others. Not only that, it is a solution I know works well, is robust, and can drive picky speakers. I had a set of 4 ohms plugged into the 3020 and it worked great.


The AudioPhonics amp already rejected as “not enough power” is also 2x30W (like the NAD 3020). Wonder what the power constraints are? The Digi-AMP+ is 2x40. The 3045 would probably be OK, though. Add a Pi 4 for USB input, and you’re looking at a total of less than $850, I’d guess.

I have one of these and pair with good quality speakers sounds great; much improvement on my Bluesound Pulse Flex. I keep the case hidden away and have ceiling speakers.

The NAD’ D2030v2s can handle probably any speaker he wants to throw at them as I using it right now with 87 db/W/m sensitive tower speakers at 4 Ohms. (Totem Arros if anyone wants to look 'em up)

He’s seen the options. His best bet is the C368; so he either has to up his budget a couple hundred, wait for a sale, or buy used. All doable.

@itzlbritzl You might tell use what speakers you were planning on using as then we could not waste time in suggesting things that weren’t powerful enough.


I have AudioVector M1 Avantgarde. They are bookshelf size, 8 Ohms, sensitivity about 88db.


Phil, the selling point for me in having RAAT supported in this device would be the ability to include it in zone groups with other Roon Ready endpoints. Since it’s currently Airplay, it can’t be included, so I can’t have my music synchronised throughout the house and garden.

But very interesting to learn that ARCAM have plans… :grinning:

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I solve that problem by having a small house and turning the main system up :rofl:

Fair point. I shall press Arcam on the topic at Ascot. On the one hand Roon readiness for a single device is probably costly. Re-use the development across multiple brands / products and it becomes more feasible I would have thought. And they certainly have scale - Samsung bought Harman for $8.5bn!

Now that looks nice.

Oops… Now it’s been sold.