Most inexpensive ALL-IN-ONE roon amplfier

Sorry, I have not been here for a few days but i really appreciate your ideas. I will give you my opinion on a few of your suggestions, so it will be more clear, what I am looking for.

Not enough power to drive decent two way bookshelf my only 87-88db sensivity. And I dont like plastic in my euqipment :slight_smile: Furthermore i am NOT looking for a smart speaker but an AMP.

2 boxes and still not power amp. with power amp about 1.500 €. i did not want to spend more than 1.000.

Have you ever heard it. I dont like the sound of sonos speakers, which kind of scares me away. the technical approach is exactly what i am looking for! but again: plastic!

Not enough power and not all-in-one at all.

I would need at least the C368 to have enough power. But with BluOS option well above 1.000 €.

Plastic, isnt it?

This is a simple power amp? When did i ask for that? :wink:

Yes, Lumin is VERY inexpensive.

Interesting! Thanks for that. Just about the suffiecnt amount of power. Worth testing.

I need a little power to drive decent speakers… NOT lloking for a smart speaker but a networked power amp with roon capability.

dito!!! :slight_smile:

3.000€… too much!

May I ask, what kind of speakers you are driving with the power node?

Generally speaking: I am NOT looking for smart speaker. I am looking for a networked amp with full roon integration. No detours or limitations via chromecast, airplay a.s.o. I also want so be able to control volume with the roon app.

The best suggestions for my purpose have been Blusound powernode, Sonos Amp and the Elac DS-A101. But then again: I knew about those. the perfect solution would be something like those, but more powerful…

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