Most King Crimson Tidal Albums Missing Ratings & Reviews

Ever since Tidal added the King Crimson catalog (I found them back in June) most of the albums are missing ratings, reviews and genres (other than Pop/Rock). The data is there on All Music, but not in Roon.

Hi @Milton_Krueger — Can you share a screenshot of one example where this info should be showing but it isn’t?

Ripped all 40th Anniversary editions and all have relevant data.

Forgot to add not Tidal though which probably makes a difference!.

Hi @Milton_Krueger,

We looked into this, and these tracks on TIDAL and Qobuz have a bonus track, which means it’s not exactly the same album to Roon. This is why that data isn’t there on these versions.

So is there a solution to this problem?

I figured how to use Identify Album to manually fix the problem…still it seems like there should be a more elegant solution. Thanks for looking into it for me.

There almost certainly is, but we’ve not got there yet. We have some plans (i.e. work not started yet), but it’s a big chunk of effort Cloud-side. It will be worth it though when it happens, but I can’t give any timescales. Glad you found a solution for now.