Most Played Albums dropdown duplicates albums (right now mine is over 3000)

@brian @danny This issue is still one thing that completely drives me nuts about Roon and curious as to why this cannot be fixed (it has been brought up multiple times, by multiple members). After a while you will have albums duplicated (at this moment I have 11424 of 8077 albums which = over 3000 albums duplicated in this format) and I don’t understand why this is, sometimes you may have the same album in 4 different places in the same window and you need to quit Roon Server for the Most Played correct itself

. See attached SC’s (Date Added vs Most Played) to see what I mean.

I thought this was fixed a while ago. Surprised to see you’re running into it again. We’ll look into it again.

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Thanks Brian. It’s never been fixed, as far as I can remember.

It was never fixed, I’ve to manually remove them. It will be a nightmare if I got plenty of them. Especially one who purchase from different masters with different sampling rates are affected.

Also I would like Roon to stop putting ‘primary’ as default to MQA album, let the users select them under ‘Versions’.

FYI I like that MQA is the primary version… much bigger things than that IMO (can we please keep the thread on this issue and NOT go down another MQA wormhole PLEASE)


This issue is still a problem in the new 1.6. I really don’t understand why it has never been fixed. @brian @mike @danny

@ivan @vova Can you guys work with @anon94274355 and see if you can get this reproducible for us?

In my collection, I’m not having any issues – same number of albums regardless of sort – but clearly something is different here. Let’s figure out what it is, and get it fixed.

Thanks for letting us know @anon94274355 – appreciate your patience on this.

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Hi @Mike. If you restart your Roon server the date added / most played will match. When it starts not matching is when you hit shuffle and just let it play for 3-5 hours say, the album counts will not match anymore and the differences just get large as time goes by. If you then do a restart, everything goes back and is correct… let me know if that explains it.

Interesting. I’ll try – are you leaving it in one sort mode or another? Or does it not matter?

I don’t think it matters… I personally like the most played, so that is usually what I have it set too, which is why this duplicate album count has been bugging me.

FYI the only sort mode which duplicates albums is Most Played.

@mike @vova @ivan Has this issue been looked at and/or has discovered why this this happens. attached are 2 screen captures just taken now of just my fav albums selected (273 albums) and you can see a whole bunch are duplicated and the Most Played drop down says 380 albums. Please, can we fix this error which I think has been here from day 1.

Since my last post 10 minutes ago i now have 385 albums (no albums have been added). Here’s a new screen capture.

Hey @anon94274355,

Thanks for you report and sorry for slow feedback. We will definitely look into this issue and let you know the results of our investigation.
Appreciate your patience here.


Hi @vova
Any update on a fix for this issue or at least if you found the problem?

Hello @anon94274355,

This issue is still in the works, but we were able to reproduce it. Appreciate for your patience.


This has been an issue for a VERY long time, if not from day one of Roon and I really think it needs to be taken seriously and finally have this issue fixed… I’m sorry, but I’m almost out of patience, it’s like beating your head against a wall. @vova @mike @brian

I agree, it’s ridiculous that it is taking this long. This should have been fixed in 1.6 or earlier. I’m not sure how it got lost. I’ve made sure that the team understands the importance and have made notes for myself to check in on it every few days till it’s resolved.


Our QA team came up with reproduction steps for this earlier today. Code was checked in that should fix it. Still has to pass testing/etc, but assuming all goes as usual, this should be fixed in our next release.

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Great to hear, hopefully all goes well with testing.

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