Most played albums that you discovered through Roon?

Albums/Sorted by Most Played
List the top five that you found only through Roon.
Surprised ? Do you think it’s accurate ? Glad you found them ?

For me:
Hashisheen: The End of Law - Bill Laswell
Vivaldi Mandolin and Lute Concertos - L’Arte dell Arco/Frederico Guglielmo
Sweet Nothing - Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses
Ancestral Voices - R.Carlos Nakai & William Eaton
Um violao na madrugada - Baden Powell

I was surprised but looking at the played “dots” next to the tracks I don’t think it’s accurate. Very glad to find them though.

Hey Andrew,

Do you mean discovered through Tidal? If so, then you should move this to a topic under the Tidal thread because there are those of us do not use Tidal at all; and to us the question is meaningless and confusing.

Or do you mean which albums are you are surprised that you play the most when sorting by Most Played in YOUR Personally owned Music Collection. For example, if asked what do you play often you might not respond ABBA, but if you actually looked at your playback metrics you find ABBA being played the most.

On another note, as I had brought up in the past, the played dots need to be rethought, I had advocated for just a straight number count, or doing away with it.

The biggest problem is that the “dot” only appears when Roon is allowed to finish the song. If I fast forward to the next song with 4 seconds left, then no dot is counted. Alternatively, if I fast forward and only play the last 4 seconds, a dot IS counted. This really skews people like me who are what I refer to as active listeners. Meaning I’ll listen to 95 percent of a song and then manually move things along. Or bounce around. For me, the counter would best be served as counting number of times a song BEGAN playing… and not just from the beginning because there are times I will start tracks in the middle.

Hi Daniel,

Both Local and Tidal. I was hoping to see music that people had discovered (or rediscovered) and which had now become a favourite.

As a jazz fan, I hope that Tidal will eventually obtain the following catalogs:


ECM would be a dream come true, but its my understanding that ECM is totally opposed to streaming at this time.

I’m going to enter this thread in the seventh annual Moderators “Herding Cats” prize. I believe I’m on a winner.

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I think you have the platinum prize actually.