Most Played in Focus

Still new to Roon and very pleased. I believe, however, I have exhausted all possibilities for use of ‘Most Played’ in Focus and really would like to see this broadened. The Most Played filter seems to always apply to the entire library instead of additional Focus criteria. For example, If I apply the Genre ‘Pop/Rock’ and then the ‘1000 Most Played’ I would assume that no other Genre would affect the 1000 Most Played filter. This is not the case and will ultimately defeat the goal of the Focus.

This works for me just like you want it but the “Pop/Rock” top-level genre might be a to broad genre that likely contains plus/minus two thirds of your entire library. Try to be more specific.

Thanks BlackJack. So are you able to get the Most Played filter to work within additional filters on a Focus? I’ve tried every way I can think of.

Yes, that is what I already wrote.

How are you doing this? I can’t make it not work.
Albums>Focus>Top 100 Played (Returns 100 albums). Correct
Then Focus>Click the Genre ‘Color Wheel’>Click R&B (54) (Returns 54 Albums)
If I Click the X on Top 100 Played to deselect the tag, I get 300 R&B albums.

Genres are hierarchical. A genre with sub-genres contains all albums that are tagged with that genre and/or any sub-genres and/or sub-sub-genres … . So maybe your assumption is at fault here.

I am mostly trying Tags. If I have Tagged 1200 songs as “MySongs” and 1,000 of them have played at least once then the 1000 Most Played with this Tag should give me 1000, right?

I think the OP is asking for a method of producing the top N of a category (in terms of plays).
If I ask Roon for the N most played I produce a list based on the whole, unfocussed, library. All other focusses operate on this list, which is not what is wanted.

Example, choose a small category as an initial focus, containing 20 items. Now ask Roon for the top 50 most played. You may end up with zero.

If I understand correctly, this is a feature request.

You’re probably right. Sadly the OP failed to clearly describe the problem he has / the solution he wants IMHO.

It’s actually still unclear to me what the OP wants with this request / why this is needed. For his second use case about tracks, he could enable “Plays” and sort the list by play counts with his “MySongs” Roon tag active.

Top X played is relative to the entire library, not just the filtered subset. As BrianW has said, it should be a Feature Request.

Blackjack, It is a Feature Request and was from the beginning. Did I not post in the correct place?

+1 for this Request actually
Could use it :slight_smile:

All fine now if BrianW’s assumption is correct.

Know that I understand what’s being asked for I get it. Yes, my bias of how it currently works blocked me from understanding this important difference in function.