Most popular tracks for an Artist based on my listening

I don’t know exactly what it was called, but in 1.7 the “Popular” section of tracks would change based on which tracks I played the most by that artist. I would really like something like this back please. Maybe a way to switch between “Popular” and “My Most Played” list on the Artist page. It was automatic and I didn’t have to remember which songs were on which albums. All the songs I liked best were just there, ready to be played. Thanks


Totally agree with wanting this feature restored. Why should my favorites songs by an artist be replaced with some mass consensus? That makes no sense. It’s my music player using my profile so put my favorites on top. Save the mass opinions to use for Roon radio selections.

If this feature can’t be restored via some type of toggle, I would then ask for a toggle to turn this “Popular” list off completely. I find it annoying to look at given how much space it takes up and my total lack of interest in seeing it.

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