Most Qobuz albums disappeared overnight

This is a strange issue.

Most of my Qobuz albums disappeared from my Roon library overnight. What is really strange about this is if I go to the “My Qobuz” section under the Qobuz tab at least the more recently added albums appear as Qobuz favorites. There is a limit on how far I want to scroll through the page.

In searching the forums for the fix for this oft reported issue, I found the form which I filled out and submitted.

I’ve restarted everything and logged out and logged back into Qobuz with no change.

Frustrating that the albums show up in one section of the Roon app, but not the integrated library section.

Has anybody found a permanent and reliable fix for this issue?

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Ho Bob,

This is a know issue and happened a few times recently. Roon are saying it’s due to Qobuz and are still working on a permanent fix.

They’re still in your Roon/Qobuz library.

Likely they will reappear just as suddenly and strangely as they disappeared!

Annoying and frustrating I know but you might just have to sit and wait on this one.

And…they’re back!

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Lost my Qobuz favorites from the Roon Library but as yours they are still listed under myQobuz favorites.

Some are back, some are not, some additional ones have disappeared.