Most Tidal Versions Merged Incorrectly

In the many, many cases where I have “favorited” tracks from more than one Tidal version of an album, Roon seems to be merging these tracks together as one album, stacking the tracks together as if they are sub-parts of a track. For example, if I have favorited (added to my Tidal library) the same set of tracks on both the regular and MQA versions of an album, it merges the two albums together (and not in a good way).

In the example below, one set of tracks is from the MQA and one is from the redbook version. This also happens with multiple MQA versions (e.g., 96kHz and 192kHz versions).

I’ve fixed some of these manually, but it takes about 5-10 minutes per album of bouncing back and forth between the Tidal application and Roon to accomplish it. Please tell me there is some way to fix this globally.

Actually, @support, I’m spending 30-45 minutes on some of these albums without being able to resolve the problems. The albums are getting stuck in some kind of purgatory where removing tracks from Tidal favorites doesn’t remove them from Roon library, then the album itself can’t be added to my library from within Roon. I feel like I’m punching Uncle Remus’s tar baby over here.

Hi @Andy_Spinks — Thank you for the report!

Sorry for the frustration here. I’ve passed your report along to the technical team so it will be in their queue for review. As soon as I hear back from them regarding the behavior you’re seeing I will update you in a timely manner.


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Hey @Andy_Spinks,

I just wanted to let you know that we have submitted a ticket to the development team to track this behavior you’ve reported to us. While I cannot make any commitments as to when this behavior you’ve observed will be addressed, I can however assure you that we will update you if any changes are made in a future release.

Thank you again for sharing this report with us, the feedback is always appreciated!


Thanks for the update. Let me know if you need any additional examples, logs, etc.

For anyone that might be experiencing similar issues with Roon incorrectly identifying/clumping Tidal tracks, here is how this finally was resolved:
Note that this also will remove any songs from your Roon library that aren’t in your Tidal favorites. It will also undo pretty much any tagging or other curation you have done in Roon.

(You can close this ticket now, @dylan.)