Motu M2 support?

Is there any hope of supporting the Motu M2 USB Audio Interface? I didn’t think it would work but thought I’d try it.

Any news on this?
I like to buy a motu M4 and run it with roon bridge. Hoped it would run on a Pi4.
I know that motu’s USB did not support the mixer but I read using HW interfaces in linux did work and as far as I kown roon bridge uses HW.

Please let me know

Did you ever try it?

Should probably work as the M4 will do. Not yet tested but no concerns…

Did you ever try? :slight_smile:

I couldn’t get it to work with my M2 so didn’t proceed any further.

Thanks for replying. Did you buy a different one? I want to replace mine now.

I have an M2 that I actually use for meetings with my SM7B. I might go the Okto dac8 Pro route for MCH as it does work with an outboard RPi4 and Roon.

The drawback is his lead time is quite long at the moment.

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I run a Montu M4 and like to give you this hint: With current Raspbian on a Pi4 you need a REAL USB3 cable. The one that is shipped with the M4 will not work!!

Using the USB3 cable connected to one uf the USB3 ports od the Pi4 my Moto M4 got discovered and can be used with Roon Bridge.

The only drawback is, that only two channels are supported by Roon (1+2). Channels 3+4 show a high playback volume but deliver nothing.

My guess is that the M2 will also work with a REAL USB3 cable.

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Can you share which cable you’re using with success?

Should be something like this: Rankie USB C auf USB A 3.0 Kabel, Type C Ladekabel und: Computer & Zubehör

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Well, I ordered that same cable in the USA and indeed my M2 works now with the RPi4 running RoPieeeXL.

Thank you so much! Now I can finally try it on my big system. :grinning:

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Good to know that my hint also worked for Motu M2.

Just to let you know: rooExtend 2.0.0 will be released soon. It also support Roon playback for USB DACs like RoPieee.

With rooExtend 2.0.0 you additionally can use Microsoft Surface Dial, SpaceMouse and also - and this is NEW - the NUIMO device with one single Raspberry Pi.

Best DrCWO

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