MOTU UltraLite Hybrid Mk. 3

I dug this out of the closet yesterday and hooked it up to a Mac Mini acting as a remote (not the core). The MOTU is configured in audio/midi control in the Mac utilities to be a 7.1 audio device. Clicking the speaker test tone buttons in the utility works fine and I can hear the test tones and see the appropriate meter moving on the MOTO display. I can play stereo music from Roon to the MOTO device just fine, using any of my Roon remotes including the Mac Mini it is attached to via usb. But I do not see the drop down to pick the multichannel setup in Roon… settings… audio… MOTO… device settings… advanced settings.

What am I missing (or does this setup not work the way I expect?)

It would be great if this was supported, the MOTO devices are reasonably priced and there don’t seem to be too many multichannel dacs out there outside of pro audio.

Anyway TIA if anybody can help me, thx.