Mouse Pointer Help Needed

I’m have Roon running on a single Windows 10 PC.
The mouse pointer works fine until I hover over a select-able item or in the bottom area of the screen where the transport controls reside. On each select-able item the arrow turns into a very small version of the pointing hand. Additionally in the bottom area of the screen I referenced the pointing hand does not stay white like in other areas of the screen but turns the same color as the lower screen background color. The only portion of the portion of the pointer visible is a very small and thin outline. It’s all but invisible at that point. I tried the updated video cards drivers and it made no difference. BTW the video card is a Nvidia GTX 1060. HDR is activated in Windows, the Nvidia driver SW, etc.
I have to wonder if HDR is causing some sort of issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @patrick_parrish — Thanks for reaching out!

In the past we’ve seen that reinstalling drivers has helped other Roon users who experience this type of behavior. Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the Nvidia drivers and let me know if there’s any change?


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This was caused for me by a recent Windows update and corrected by a download and installation of the video drivers from the manufacturer ( in my case EVGA).

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I tried uninstalling the video drivers and reinstalling them, it didn’t seem to make any difference.
The pointer looks fine when using an Ipad or my Windows laptop for control. I still wonder if there is something about HDR causing a problem. I hesitate to disable it on my main HTPC because it also runs JRiver and resetting everything if it gets hosed up is a bit of a pain.

I decided to take a chance and start changing settings related to HDR. The first thing I tried was to turn off the slider in Windows HDR display settings. That seemed to have worked and the pointer is now visible. Some of my HDR movies don’t play in HDR but revert to SDR with the slider off. I’m not sure if there is a remedy but it seems I have some tweaking to do. For now the the Windows HDR setting will remain off so I can learn a bit more about Roon. If I find a solution that seems to work for everything all the time I’ll update the post.

Thanks all -