Move all settings to a new core

@support - I am formatting my macmini where the core is, - I backed up the library, but is there a way to backup also all the settings so I don’t need to do that again? or a migration tool? thanks

Did you have a look under the “backup” section of Roon Settings?

@Mikael_Ollars yes, does it back up the audio settings?

That is not specifically mentioned, but i assume it is included.
You are talking about audio settings and DSP per Zone?

yes, correct all DSP, zones etc.

As i said, i assume it is, but i cannot confirm it…
I think @wizardofoz might have tried this out? He tries all sorts of Roon related stuff, you know! :wink:

Hey @Tamir_Dotan,

Settings are also part of the Roon backup :nerd_face: . In the article linked by @Mikael_Ollars (thanks!) it says:

it also contains any edits you’ve made, your play history, all of your Roon playlists, your favorites, your settings, and more. All of this information is stored in your Roon Database.

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thank you all

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completely not true, all settings are gone. such a shame and mis information

Hello @Tamir_Dotan,

I am so sorry to hear the settings are not appearing on your new Core.

Were you able to successfully restore the database? Have you followed these instructions:

Can you please share a screenshot of what’s missing?

I am missing all audio settings, it’s lots of screes shots, all settings are lost

Can you confirm that you a) created a backup before formatting your Mac mini, on a different computer or hard drive than the one you formatted and b) subsequently restored your database from than backup, using the Backup section of Settings …

I’m assuming that you did, but it’s not clear from your posts.