Move multiple songs in playlist

I’ve been trying to select and move (manually resort) songs in a playlist.
I’ve read in some threads here, that moving multiple songs should be possible, but I am wondering how.

As you can see in my screenshot, I’ve selected a couple of songs. When I try to move them upwards, only the first song is taken, while all others are still being selected.

How can I move all songs together to a new place in the playlist?
Many thanks for your help!

I don’t think you can move multiple tracks.

I’ve noticed this as well. It is possible to batch “remove” tracks but not move them. I don’t think it is possible to merge a group of tracks from another playlist/queue?

Playlists from the streaming partners seem to have additional issues moving tracks around and customizing generally (adding, deleting, merging). Maybe it is different with Tidal but with Qobuz:

  1. In the Qobuz section I cannot re-order playlists at all (either singly or in groups). That is, the Qobuz playlists have no hamburger “handles”.

  2. If I favorite a Qobuz playlist it will end up in my roon Playlists section. I can reorder my own playlists but not my favorited Qobuz ones. That is my favorited Qobuz playlists have no hamburger “handles”. This is confusing that the playlists even look different in that respect.

  3. If I “play” my Qobuz playlists, then I can re-order them from the queue. That is, now they have hamburger “handles”.

There may well be very good reasons for the different behaviors and maybe this is really a feature request. But in the meantime it is just very confusing when self-generated and streaming partner generated playlists not only have different behaviours, they look different as well (it took me a long while to notice that). I would have thought they should always look the same but the hamburgers are greyed out if they are non-functional. Or maybe there is some other way of knowing what type of playlist you are dealing with? With either type of playlist though it would be nice to move around blocks of tracks.

Three years since my initial question, are there any updates on this?

I am still struggling with the fact that when I add new songs to a large playlist with e.g. 200 tracks, the new track is put at the very end of the playlist (position 201). If I add e.g. 5 new tracks to this playlist, and I have this playlist manually sorted by Artist/Album/Year and the artists starts with an “A”, I have to move manually every single song from position 201-206 to e.g. 10-16. Most other music apps like Apple Music allow to select and move multiple songs at a time. This saves a lot of time and makes handling of larger playlists much easier… Would be great to have this feature added to an future release.

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Hey, it is possible to move it. Just long clik on the track, so you can select multiple tracks. Hope it helps.

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Next, I wanted to edit my playlists today. Because I had many duplicates, I had manually deleted the duplicates in each playlist. Also, I took some songs out of playlist 1 and put them into playlist 2 (selecting several at the same time, put them into the new playlist and then deleted the songs in the old one).

So far, so good.

Now I found out that I have hundreds of songs in the new playlist and a lot of duplicates. How can this be? If I put a song from playlist 1 in playlist 2, abr at the same time this song, let’s say in 10 other playlists, I have then in playlist 2 not only 1 song, but also the 10 others, total 11?

I made a test: Remove just one song of an playlist in a new playlist that I create, but instead of just having one song in this playlist it ended up with 293 random songs in this playlist. Something wrong I guess.

Here is the solution! Adding multiple songs to a playlist at once

I made the mistake, that I selected the hole playlist (nevertheless I was only selecting one song). Attention, there are two ways to add in the playlist - one just one song or more songs you selected and the other selects the hole playlist. hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi @MouseMusic

Many thanks for replying to this old request from me. I’ve checked, but unfortunately it is still not possible to move multiple songs in a playlist in one step. Sure I can select multiple songs, but when I try to move them, only the first selected song is moved. It’s really a pain if you have many playlists with 100+ songs and want to re-order newly added tracks…

Are you really able to move multiple songs in a playlist?

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I’ve faced the same problem, and as a workaround, I’ve been adding songs to new playlists in groups with the desired order and then deleting the old playlist. I’m not entirely sure if there are any side effects, but it has definitely saved me a lot of time.

Many thanks @Bruce_Li for this workaround. I will try this the next time I add new tracks to one of my 200+ playlists. In the meantime I really hope that this basic feature may be finally implemented in 2023 :raised_hands:

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I’m not able to move multiple songs after I have selected them.