Move music from watched to organized folder


Then I started my Roon setup, I used my iTunes library folder as a watched folder in Roon. But now I want my music to be put in a organized folder.

Is there an easy transfer option? I’ve tried to export to folder -but that take a lot of time ('cause the files are copied).

It would be wonderful to have a way to do this in some automatic way.

Well, just to be clear, you understand that when you select a folder as organized, Roon recopies and renames everything anyway - into its preferred directory/sub-directory excluding folder pics, etc etc And that this is a one way operation in case you change your mind.

Don’t to it. Just keep your iTunes music folder as a Watched folder for Roon. It will just make a mess of everything.

I actually think Roon should remove this feature altogether as it’s not needed and not sure why people would use it.

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I did it. I use a watched and managed folder. I copied my entire iTunes Music folder. Re named it as Roon Library, and pointed Roon to the directory.

Roon moved everything around and left my old folder structure as empty hulls. Of note, Roon does this every time I import into the ‘Roon Library Directory’.

OCD folks, do not venture into the Roon managed directory. Its a mess with empty folders and renamed folders of your muisc.

The benefits are its better at merging, tagging, identifying and removal of dupes.

Yes, I understand that everything will get “messed up”. Today I’m using iTunes, but plan to stop that. My musicfiles are in wav with no tags. So I see Roon as a good way to sort my music up.

I want Roon to reorder my music. So, is there an easy way to do this without having to import each album by itself?

I would set your iTunes folder as a watch folder.

Spend plenty of time validating what Roon sees as albums. Fix anything that is wrong. Tag anything you cannot fix.

EXPORT to a new folder everything you are happy with. Then delete these from the library. Use focus and tags to do this,

Add the new folder as a watch folder.

For the remaining stuff it maybe just albums with no ID so these should export with whatever data they have. I would export to a separate folder just to ensure I could check them over easily. Add the folder as watched.

It’s tedious in a way but you will own the results.

If you prefer not to do the work then use the managed folder and accept the results.

All depends on what you want.

In all cases ensure you have a backup before you do anything.

Can Roon please delete the empty folders when it moved everything in the organized folder…
Probably simple to solve for the Developers…

Currently it leaves a very messy list of empty folders behind…
Not really nice for a product like Roon…