Move ROCK to new NUC

Apologize if this has been covered, but couldn’t find this particular use case.

What is best practice if I want to move a ROCK installation from a NUC7i3 to a NUC7i5 or NUC7i7?
Can I just move the M.2 SSD to the new machine and power up, or are there dependencies so I would need to reinstall ROCK and restore database from backup?

My understanding is that it should be workable assuming the model NUC is similar. @support would be able to confirm that. Just make sure the bios settings have been setup similarly.

I would make a database backup before doing any move. And, imho, the safest would be to move the drive, re-install ROCK and then restore the database. However, if you want an official voice then @danny might be able to give you a specific answer.

That being said, I personally would "Go Ahead and Try It. If you are moving up the same NUC generational family, then the drivers are probably the same. Worst is that you’d have to reload ROCK and restore your database, which is what you would have to do anyway. However, even if it did work on power up; I would not do editing etc. for a little bit, in case a problem came to light later forcing me to re-install and restore.

And I echo wizardofoz above, make sure the BIOS is set correctly.

Thanks for your input!
Happy to say it worked pretty flawless as in ROCK started on the new hardware without hick-ups. Had to restore the database from backup, but that was it. I will let it run a few days before making any changes.

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Great to hear! Enjoy the Music. :smiley: :four_leaf_clover: