Move Roon database folder to linux

I want to move the Roon database on the Windows10 machine to linux ubuntu 16.04 machine.
Folders with drag and drop method to / var / roon / roonserver /
but he does not, there is another solution?

This knowledge base article outlines the database migration process in detail.

Make sure sure neither Core is running while copying.

Basically stop Roon on Windows, install it on Linux and stop it too. Copy the following folders across to the Linux Roon database folder tree:

  • Cache
  • Database
  • Settings

On the Linux instance delete RoonServer/Database/Registry/Storage/location_cifs_*

Fire up Roon on the Linux box and point it to your music using watched folders. It’ll scan and as it analyses, match the files to its existing database metadata.

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Ok , solved.