Move Roon Library directly to Roon Rock rather than using the Backup

I have my ROON Library (SSD connected by USB) in my old computer. If I set up a new Roon ROCK, can I directly pull out the library (SSD) from my old computer and connect it to the Roon Rock USB on set-up. I read your article on Migrating to Rock and the direction is to transfer the back-up NOT the Roon Library.

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I suspect nor a permanent basis. You will need to create the ROCK image on the M.2 SSD which creates an empty dB.

I don’t think there is a way of changing where ROCK looks for the DB

You may be able to copy the existing dB over the new blank

The safest is to Backup your current core to a USB drive then restore it

You seem to be wanting to migrate your current Roon Core to a new installation on ROCK. This article describes what you want to do, I believe, and talks about what you need to do to change the Watched Folder (Storage) location for the fact that you are moving your USB drive containing your music files to the new location on the ROCK system.

The way I read this is that you are moving your core to a NUC with ROCK? This means a new Roon core on the NUC/ROCK and you want to know if you can take your Library (your music files) that are on an external USB SSD and plug that into the NUC. The answer is yes, you should be able to plug the USB drive into the NUC and have Roon then use it at it’s “watched” folder. Depending ont he NUC you are using it should just be a matter of pointing ROON at the USB SSD from “Settings/Storage” once the NUC/ROCK core is up and running.

The above being said with a new install and a new file storage location Roon will need to re-identify that location. But read through KB that @Geoff_Coupe linked to for more info on the migration to ROCK.

I think the reason they say to “transfer the back-up” is so that you have your original file safely stored nd in their previous set-up in case something happens during the transfer. this is so that you can have security in knowing you have your previous set-up safe while creating the new set-up. In your case you are not actually copying the file to a new drive so… the danger is less, but it is still a good idea to have a back-up of your Library (music files) somewhere.

Thank you.

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