Move storage location on android devices to sd card?

I noticed recently the storage usage of roon remote on android. Actualy it consumes nearly 1 gb of my internal storage.
I’ d prefer a storage location at my larger sd card but can’t find the option in roon.

Any suggestions?

That seems alot? Presume you have tried removing and reinstalling?

I agree, everything should be stored on the Scard that needs to be stored longer term, but the app doesn’t have offline playback.

Mine is storing 119mb, so yours seems very high.

Not already solved (cleared 0.96 GB data manually) but found an explanation:

Android 6 “marshmallow” no longer distinguishes between internal and external memory (changeable sd-card).
So there is no option for moving an app or the data-part of an app.

Unfortunately I must format and configure my sd-card first to act as part of the intern memory. Then Android will manage the complete Memory.

But roon doesn’t seem to create any data? 119mb…

I’ll watch it. After ,deleting data manually I’ll see what happend, after some days of use.