Move the "Add New Tag" option

Can we move the “add new tag” button to the top of the list (or to the top of the window somewhere) please. I’m getting RSI having to keep scrolling down to the bottom!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good suggestion.

The same applies for the filter button (why not edit control?) in Playlists - it gets scrolled with all playlists instead of being fixed at the top.

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So, I just wanted to say that I’ve become deeply involved in tagging, these last couple of days, and a penny has dropped with regard to the TAGS functionality.

It has, however, raised another question, so I thought I’d mention it here…

I am adding in a tag for every composer in my list, which is a lot. At first I was scrolling down the list & thinking “Well, actually, I have to scroll down the list to see if I’ve already made one for this composer so actually scrolling back up to the top again would be just as difficult as scrolling to the bottom.” so with regard to the original point, if it was at the top, it would need to not disappear once you start scrolling through the list.

Then I used the search bar at the top, because I was getting bored with scrolling and here’s what I discovered…

The search bar works perfectly! I start to type in it, the list refines to show any results that fall under what I’ve typed, if the correct tag is there, I can select it, if it’s not, the “New Tag” is right there for me to click on.

So, here’s the really good bit: If I’ve only typed in a couple of letters when I click the New Tag + button, a box comes up containing the letters I’ve typed & I can complete the name I need and click add.

Why is this the really good bit? Because
a) It doesn’t create a tag with half a name. I get to finish it before I create the tag.
b) elsewhere in Roon, it doesn’t do anything nearly as helpful.

When, for example, you want to add a Primary Artist and you type in a name & it doesn’t show up, you get an “Add Artist” button.

And when you click on that, does it contain the name of the person you searched for? Nothing so helpful. Not only is the “Add Artist” button that appears empty, but back when you hit the “search” button, the original box you typed the name into is now empty too!!

So unless you want to go away, find & copy the name you already typed in, you have to remember to copy it before you hit search search, just in case.

And while I’m on the subject of looking for a Primary Artist (although I’m going off topic a bit here)
if I type in, say, “Leonard Bernstein” Roon will show you a list of results. Sometimes this list is very, very long indeed &, despite the fact that one of the entries exactly matches what you typed in, it will be sitting in that list somewhere in alphabetical order.

So please, Roon Gods, can we have search boxes that continue to contain what you searched for after you’ve hit enter, that you can modify before committing to, just the way it does in TAGS…

And please, please, please, if any of the primary artists exactly matches what you typed in, can we have those at the top before Roon goes off on one with the alphabetical list? It would be so, so helpful.

On the subject of primary artists, I’d also like to say that Roon tends to offer, say a conductor and an orchestra and maybe a soloist or two as a single entry (presumably because it’s aware of the album you’re trying to tag) and, while this is quite a fun way of entering an artist, this formation may only exist for one album. I now realise that each of these “formations” becomes an artist in its own right in your artists list so I personally have taken to adding the conductor, soloists & orchestras as separate entities so that they can each relate to the multiple recordings I might have containing each of them.