Moved HDD to ROCK, but cannot access my iTunes library files


I successfully built my ROCK and it works great!! I attached a HDD with my music and my iTunes database files to it, but now iTunes on my iMac won’t let me access the .itl file or modify it in any way. I would really like to be able to use the HDD for both Roon and iTunes (which I use for my phone). Any ideas? The permissions are for everyone to read and write.


Hi @Peter_Rustin,

What OS do you have on your iMac? Have you upgraded to Catalina? Just to clarify - you attached your HDD to ROCK and you wish to access it from your iMac?

If so, you can connect to the ROCK data share by using these instructions, the HDD should appear under the /Storage folder.

Does that help?

Not using Catalina. I can see the hdd using finder. I can access the drive. But the iTunes files are locked. It had been connected to my iMac

Weird, but I cannot rename the its file. Somehow I don’t have permissions
although nothing changed except moving it to the rock after the HDD ws connected to my iMac.


This gets worse. I tried to delete an old MP3 from the HDD. I was denied permission to do so. Can anyone give me some advise? Using a Mac fwiw.

Ok, so:
–my iTunes library is now on my NAS, with all database files; itl, xml, art cache etc. I keep this up to date with Synkron for use with Plex

–my music library is on an external HDD attached to ROCK. Working fine once I formatted in expat
–I’d very much like be able to import my iTunes playlists to use in Roon. I tried copying xml file to HDD attached to ROCK; no joy (maybe I put in the wrong place)?

–I DON’T want to use the music on the NAS for Roon; too slow to update.

Can anyone guide me as to how to let Roon use my iTunes playlists? Is it right that smart lists won’t work?

Either way, I’d like to be able to use my others.


Still hoping to use my Itunes playlists. Any takers?

Thanks for any help

Hi @Peter_Rustin,

Did you place the .XML in the root folder of your music folder? Did you make sure to turn on Playlist Support for the watched folder in Roon Settings -> Storage?

Please see our iTunes and Playlist Documentation:
iTunes KB Documentation
Playlists KB Documentation

If you have verified these aspects and it still does not work as expected, please post some screenshots of what you are seeing.

@noris, thanks. I’ll check where the xml file is when i get home from work; i think it was in the root folder. I’m pretty sure i turned on playlist support but again will check.

If need be, I’ll post screenshots.

Placing xml file in root should do it, right? I don’t mind periodically updating this as my itunes is revised (just a few seconds to drag and drop).

Thanks again!

Yes, that should do it, but it depends if your iTunes playlist is set up to search by relative path or by absolute path. The folder names need to be the same as the ones listed in the .XML, you can open it up with Excel to check to make sure that the paths match.

Ok, noted. I’ll check that as well.

Ok, I tried to change the path to where my Roon storage is AND AFTER TRIAL AND ERROR IT WORKED!!


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Hi @Peter_Rustin,

Glad to hear that you were able to locate and resolve the issue!

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Thanks so much !

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