Moved Library and want to keep edits

I’m new here so 'Im sure this question has been asked but I was not able to find.

I just moved over from Audirvana Plus with about 45,000 tracks. I got the systems up and running on a Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014 with 32G of ram with my files on a thunderbolt drive storing all files. Edited merged and got the library all cleaned up, then created my first backup… Wonderful really wonderful!

Next step move Roon library to my 6 bay QNAP NAS. Created a Roon folder, moved the library and changed setting in Roon to find files on NAS… all good! Roon found them perfect all 45,000 …BUT its a raw library so now its time to apply all my library editing work to this new location.

So I told Roon to Restore from back up, thinking it would apply my edits… It Did but it also reverted Back to old location.

So i would like to have New location with old library edits .

Can someone help me


Unmount the old storage and mount the new. Should sort itself out.
The library data applies to the files not their location.

Thanks ged hickman and Dr Tone ill repoint the backup to the new location and I should see the changes in effect.

The most important thing is to make sure the old location is disabled in Roon before the new one is enabled.

If Roon sees both at the same time it views the files as new (duplicates) … rather than moved.

My workflow would be in Roon; disable the watched folder, edit it and point to the location of the new music folder, and then enable it once more.

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Thanks Carl

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Thank you everyone …But its still showing as though I didn’t edit, delete and merge the files.

Carl I did make sure there is nothing listed in the storage other than the NAS location. I even disabled Music Folder (which is std for Roon and empty)

I have been using the Backup which of Roon which had all the edits Merges and deleted duplicates working and just changed the storage location as recommended to the NAS location.

Roon core still operating on same iMac computer

Can someone pls shed some Light on my errors?



Hi @Badbruno,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Library > Clean Up Library? Note that you don’t need to actually run this process, we just want to see a screenshot of the window.

thanks let me know if it got there

Hi Dylan can you take a look at the screen shot above thanks


Hello Roon forum

Im new here a would like to ask a favor, can someone look at my screen shot of the Library Maintenance and tell me if what you are seeing is the cause of my problem?

The backup which has all my edits is not working after i moved my files to a NAS drive… files are there but duplicates and files I deleted are there


Hi @Badbruno,

Please accept our apologies for the delay here.

Based on the screenshot, it shows that 76,246 files are not associated with a storage location. This happens when two storage locations are active at the same time, so rather than updating the storage location, Roon is tracking these files in two separate locations.

The best option here is to restore from a backup from before the migration, make sure that all watched folders are removed from Roon, and then set up the new watched folder for the new location of the media. Once this is done Roon will update the storage location of the files rather than track them as new files.

Thanks for the Response Dylan!!

I have an idea what your asking me to do but Im not 100 % because Im not familiar enough, I will take a try at the steps:

1/. Restore from my first backup, where Roon has all my edits and is referencing the library in the other (not NAS) location. [I have tried this and it works perfectly]

2/. In settings-storage Remove ThisMac–>LeCie iTunes AND Disable Music Folder ?? as seen below

What should I do with this Library Maintenance showing 52448 deleted files??

3/. Add Folder —> smb:// music

what should I see in Library maint after this step?

Dylan can you pls comment on my steps I must have left out something

thanks Bruno

This is now in process showing Storage settings

I think this screen shot suggests its still seeing old files???

Is there a problem with how I am adding NAS folder? Hmm

Here is the latest result of the changes which looks like its the Same outcome

Hi @Badbruno,

Based on the latest screenshot it looks like there are still files not associated with a storage location.

When you moved your files to the NAS from the Mac device did you make any other changes? Are they exactly the same as they were on the Mac? Were there any changes to the folder structure or anything?

This screenshot that you shared:

Was this before or after removing the other watched folders from Roon?

Dylan SUCESS SUCESS you found it

The QNAP NAS created two folders : @Recycle and @Recently-Snapshot

@Recycle had complete set of duplicates in this folder, I don’t understand it but … I trashed the contents and we are back to exactly what we created!!

Thank you Dylan We got it!!!


Dylan everything is working with all my edits but when I look into the Library Maintenance this is what it reads … clip below

pls advise should i check these boxes and have Roon do something ?? Thanks