Moved Roon Core to new network - can't get past spinning logo screen

Roon Core Machine

2018 Mac mini 3.6Ghz Quad Core i3
8GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Bell Home Hub 4000
Fibre-to-CAT6-to-Mac mini (Ethernet connection)

Connected Audio Devices

Ethernet to Naim Uniti Atom
Roon Remotes: MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad

Number of Tracks in Library

50,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I just moved to a new house and connected the core via Ethernet to the new router, Opened Roon on MacBook Air and signed into my account. Black screen with dancing Roon Logo does not resolve. I guess I didn’t realize it wouldn’t “just work” on a new network.

Can I salvage my Library and all the tags, playlists etc.???

Hi @ethelthefrog

We’re sorry to hear about your troubles here and apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We appreciate your patience during the wait.

I wanted to inquire whether you were able to get everything up and running again? If not and you still require assistance please let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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