Moved Roon to a new PC - Having Issues

Hi, i am sorry, i have got into a right mess.
I changed my PC that was the core.
I re installed onto new PC but it does not show my various devices.

  1. Core = PC
  2. Phone = android.
  3. Yamaha Musiccast
  4. Lounge TV
  5. Bedroom TV
  6. Ipad

The only playback device showing is the System.

So, how do i get it to show all it used to show. ?

its ok… i found it in Audio and enabling.

A lot of my music files are not in my library. ?


Have you restored the Roon Backup taken from your old setup?

See RKB - Migration

Hi @Brian_Reynolds,

As Carl mentioned, can you confirm that you followed the migration process outlined in the link shared?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Thanks, that worked.
as i have tidal, it seems everything searched is tidal.
i found the “show library only” and it helped me see the library was intact.

Basic questions i know, its just i am not yet fully familiar. Still learning.

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