Moved to Roon Server + Remote on iMac

  • Running Roon 1.6 Build 390 stable 64-bit
  • OSX 10.14
  • iMac, late 2012, i5, 32GB RAM
  • Music stored locally
  • ~52,000 tracks

So I switched from running Roon Core to installing Roon Server and then using the previous Roon install as a Remote. I believe the Server install worked, although I am not 100% sure. 1. Is there a way to check?

However, when I go to play from the Remote on my iMac (same iMac as the server), Roon reports it is playing (Playing 14 tracks) just runs through a bunch of song titles and there is no output at all. 2. Are there additional settings on Roon Remote I have to change/check?

Also, with my previous setup, I was able to select my DragonFly as an endpoint - 3. the DragonFly is not appearing in my list of devices anymore.

Thanks in advance for any help,

OK, well then, nevermind, because once I restarted my computer everything is A-OK. Tracks are playing, and my DAC has appeared. And so all is well. Thanks very much for the instructions. Might just add a “restart computer” as a final step.

@xxx It looks like no help needed. I stand by my comment despite you removing your remark. If there was an issue with running as the OP has chosen then there would be no option to do so…Roon would not shoot themselves in the foot allowing such a setup to be possible.

Hmm, I deleted that post almost as soon as I posted it. I don’t know how that works. Maybe the person that is referenced in the post sees it anyway.

I also stand by my remark as I have seen people get messed up by having both a Server and the full Roon running on the same machine. Usually, it’s just done out of confusion.

In spite of your legitimate reasons, most people don’t need both. In the OP’s case, running Server alongside the full Roon buys him nothing.

Don’t know about that. :slightly_smiling_face:


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no harm no foul…we don’t all interpret things identically just like we don’t hear things identically. Peace to you too bro…oh and I got an email as the post was referenced in something I was watching…sometimes the computer is quicker than the eye :wink:

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I was having responsiveness issues with the “Roon Core” setup, so thought I would try the server/remote solution, until I get a dedicated server. So far, it seems much more responsive.

However, in the process of moving to the Server+Remote, I also excluded the Roon Library folder from my automated backups. So, perhaps that was also contributing to the lagging.

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