Movie soundtracks

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This may need to be a feature request, but before I do that there could already be a solution that I haven’t found yet…

I’m big into soundtrack and a lot of the time Roon has me covered. I select john william etc in artists and play the original OST. My problem begins with soundtracks made up by various artists such as pulp fiction or singles where the soundtrack comprises many different artists. Is there a way to play these soundtracks without searching for tj in the album view.

Any solutions People may have I’m looking forward to hearing.

Thanks all.

For compilation soundtracks, I set the meta of album artist to the name of the movie. Not ideal, but it works for me.

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In focus under album type there’s a soundtrack option. That should limit your view so you don’t have so many albums to scroll through.

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Before importing all my CDs to Roon, I tagged everything, using Stage & Screen for my entertainment related music, but new under Focus is an Album Type of Soundtrack, which also appears to work well:

I never noticed the soundtrack album type. That’s great. Do you know if it’s new?


It’s not new. It has been there since at least 1.7.

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More evidence of my (lack of) powers of observation!