Moving a hard drive from a Naim Uniti Core to a ROON Nucleus

Dear brains trust.
Am currently in discussion with an outlet here in Oz regarding purchase of a ROON Nucleus. ROON/Tidal will take over labelling/control duties from a Naim Uniti Core and Naim controls via an I Pad and a Bluesound Node running Deezer Lossless. I am mildly terrified (if such an emotion exists) of taking the HDD out of the Naim and putting it into the Nucleus and then at worst, the Nucleus not seeing anything or at second worst, files needing relabelling. Its a bit of a ‘crystal ball’ question, I know but have you guys heard of any issues anywhere regarding what I am considering? Daz

Hey Jim, I wont require both devices, the Nucleus will be replacing the Naim, I don’t want the extra cost of another HDD if I don’t have to buy one. Can take the HDD out of the Naim before on-selling the device. My gut feeling is that all will be fine (FLAC rips) but am just checking if anyone has done this or something similar and had issues.

Don’t be a fool and not have a backup of your music files first…get another disk and backup your music…disk is cheap, reripping your collection is not

Most likely the Nucleus can’t use the disk out of the Naim without re-formatting it first which of course will erase all of the data currently stored on it.

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Even better don’t depend on one BU

I have 2 external 4tb USB drives for each drive in my PC

USB drives are cheap …

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Blackjack thanks for answering my question. So the Naim and the Nucleus use their own format? I have chosen FLAC as the format for the Naim to rip as but yeah, wasn’t sure if the Naim would somehow lock the files another way, haha.

Wiz, I already have an NAS running Raid etc with two backup HDD’s, that wasn’t my question.

If you have full backups then try it and see…if it’s not supported as I suspect it’s not, you could try it as an external drive on the nucleus via usb first.

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It’s more about the file system and not the format of the music files. Roon reads FLAC files without problems (see also FAQ: What audio file formats does Roon support?).

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Yeah prolly what Jimbo is saying…unfortunately…adds a lot more cost to throw in the SSD, Roon and Tidal/Quobuz and the USB cable…third world probs I guess…and as Jim sez, pull the files across from the Synology to the Nucleus. Get the bucks for the Uniti Core, HDD and gorgeous Clearer Audio BNC…bloody rabbit hole, haha, thanks gents, unless ROON admin-types come in over night will leave it at that. The files seem to be labelled ‘NAIM files’ (.naim). I have found some articles where Nucleus can see the Uniticore as a store but I can’t see the point of owning both. Thanks all.

Hi @Darren_George,

As BlackJack mentioned above, you’ll need to format the drive once it’s placed in the Nucleus, so any files stored on it would be lost. If you have a backup of these files elsewhere you can transfer them back to the drive after it’s been formatted. You can read more about using an internal drive with Nucleus and migrating to a Nucleus in our KB:

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