Moving a path: album identified and playlist issues?


I just need some experiments.

I have:


“Album” is identified (is from a flac, not Tidal) by Roon manually by me (I choose in the Roon database because Roon wasn’t able to identify it).

“Album” is also into a playlist.

If I move “Album” in another path:

C:\Music\Album 2

Then I add this path to Roon.

Not only I will miss the song in that playlist but I also will lose the “identify” so is a very issue.

How that is possible?


I’m not sure if you are asking will relocating an album be a problem or that you have a real problem.

If have renamed / moved many albums are for me at least Roon tracks the file system changes just fine.

If you are having issues, I’d suggest forcing Roon to recan the library.