Moving a playlist from one Roon Core to another

Is it possible to create a playlist in once Core and then move it over to another if all of the files are the same in both?

If the music is the same on both (using external drive’s that are identical) is it possible to recreate a playlist on one Core and move it to another? If so, need to know how! Thanks!

I’m sure you can find a solution here:

In fact, I’ve read through those and none of them look suitable. Backing up and moving my entire Roon instance to the 2nc core doesn’t sound like a good, easy option. It seems this is a product hole. If the files exist on both, playlists should be easily moveable but don’t seem to be.

Then pick one of the existing feature requests to support or create your own.

Is there any progress in this topic due to new features in Roon 1.8?

I still can’t find any option to export a Roon playlist so I could import it on another core (assuming it had the same library).

Nope, not that I’m aware of any.

Thanks, that was fast!
Even though it is a bit sad, as this feature request isn’t very complicated but it seems that Roonlabs assumes that most people have only one core.