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SO, i have qone through all the new artists, and have queued up some albums to listen to. After awhile, I decide to move to another system, in a different part of the house. Is there a way to transfer that original queue, or what is left that I haven’t played yet, to the new zone/system. Thanks.

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Click the “speaker” ICON in the lower right corner of the screen then click the left and right arrows ICON and choose the new zone you want to “Transfer Zone.”

Thank you, I knew it was possible, just not how to do it.

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I use this so frequently and it’s one of the key things I love about roon, but often I end up keeping that zone playing and group another to it so have meandering options in the house from one room/area to another. The nice thing is if your zones support level controls from roon you can change them individually with a tablet or phone remote.

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