Moving Core and ALL relevant files to new PC?

I’ve read several posts about migrating your Core to a new location, but nothing that clearly explains what I think is the simplest situation. I just got a new PC to replace my existing one. Roon Core and ALL music files are on the existing PC, and I simply want to move EVERYTHING to the new PC. The old PC (and hence the previous location of music files) will no longer exist. Why can’t I simply move everything (including Roon software and library folders) to the new PC, in the same filepath as the old PC, and have it not skip a beat? Do I need to do the whole Restore from Backup process, help it find a “new” location for files, etc?

Thanks in advance. Everything I’ve seen so far seems to be about rather specific situations, i.e. moving the Core but not your music files, or vice versa.

I’d recommend following the guide that Roon made for this might save you headaches.