Moving core from one PC to another

I have Roon installed on a PC but I would like to move the core to another one which is newer, more powerful and has more RAM. Can I do this without re-scanning everything? In other words, can I just copy over the database and/or other relevant folders to the new PC? Also, I still want to use the old PC as a remote so I don’t want to uninstall from the current PC; I just want to change the functionality on the current install form core to remote. How would I do this?

Should be no problem.
There is an article about this topic in the Roon Knowledge Base:

FAQ: How do I move my Roon database to a new computer and preserve my edits, playlists, and favorites?

After moving your Roon Server specific files I’d remove them on your previous computer. When you start Roon on this machine the next time, you will be asked again if you would like to setup a or connect to a server…

This given link seems to be valid for the case that the new pc does not have roon installed beforehand. What about the case when a roon core and a roon remote is to change roles?

That FAQ was created for versions of Roon earlier than 1.3. Now that version 1.3 has Backup functionality built-in, I would assume that setting up Roon on another computer simply means that you restore a Backup to the new Core. The User Guide even states this:

If need to restore a backup to a fresh install of Roon (like if you’re moving your Core to a new device, or if you’re restoring after a hard drive failure), you can do so from the Log In screen.

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thanks. It worked also by copying the folder, and then replacing the Application folder with the one that was there beforehand (when the device was a remote).

Just successfully migrated my Roon database from my old computer (the do-it-all MacMini) to a brand new i5 in a finless AKASA Plato box.

Not quite painless, so here is my experience:

Doing it directly on the NUC always resulted in frozen import at about 45 to 55% mark. Backed up to a fast usb drive, inserted on NUC and controlled via iPad.

Doing it remotely on the MacMini once it connected to the NUC was quite lengthy - as expected, but all seemed to be done as expected.

Just one immediately noticed thing: Audio zones are away, and the Core name (was previously MacMini) is now the same in the NUC. Any way to change the Core name?


You can change the core name by going into settings and then setup

Settings > Setup

Cheers, Greg

Hey Carl,

@Carl_Henrik_Janson: Any chance you could tell me the steps required to swap roles for my current PC Bridge and current PC Core? Seems to me you did just this, based on what I read. But, still unclear how to proceed. Thanks, Dennis

@SteveSilberman, @Carl_Henrik_Janson: OK. I managed to move my Core PC to a PC I was using for remote control. I can use the new Core PC to select and play music. FWIW, I moved my external USB drive to the new Core PC.