Moving core to an intel NUC

I currently have my Roon core on my MacBook, but I have purchased an Intel NUC with ROCK running on it.
Is it just a case of connecting the NUC to the network with Ethernet cable and then going in to Roon on MacBook and changing the core location to NUC? How do I do that? And what do I do with Roon on the MacBook, does it automatically become a remote once the I’ve specified another core location?
Do I still use whatever version of Roon that’s on the MacBook to specify music folders? My music will remain on the laptop for a little while until I get a hard drive to connect to the NUC.
I also use Qobuz.
Do I need to make a backup and then restore it somehow on nuc (not sure how that works of it’s headless) to keep playlists, etc intact?
Is there anything I am missing or need to know make this an easy transition?
Thank you.

There is a guide on that: Migrating To ROCK

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Nice one. Thanks.

It’s relatively simple and done they guide as suggested.

One thing to note. I was moving from a core on a Mac to an i7 NUC ROCK. I restored the Mac backup on NUC and then ROCK became unresponsive—and couldn’t use the Mac as a Roon remote either.

Tried a few times, same problem.

Only solution was to reset the ROCK to default settings, reinstall codecs and just forget about the database restore. It wasn’t a big deal because I only listen to local music and have ni playlists. But did lose all information I had made to metadata.

So one thing to be aware of…

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That shouldn’t happen and is the whole point of the backup and restore, moving the roon library extant to the new server.

Yes exactly. But I guess this is where theory doesn’t necessarily meet practice.

Don’t know if they’ve broken something in the Core or the ROCK, but somewhere it’s broken.