Moving files around on NAS


I have organised the music files on my NAS into a much more sensible folder structure (eg one folder for all recordings from a particular year). Roon core had already scanned the NAS before I moved them around.

How do I get the Core to reflect the new location of the files and to put them into albums reflecting the new annual folders?

Hi @Mark_Worsey,

Is the new folder part of the folder’s that Roon is watching under Roon Settings -> Storage?
Moving files shouldn’t cause issues with Roon picking them up and matching them to existing database entries, as long as Roon doesn’t see multiple copies of the same files, it can match the tracks based on he audio content of the file to the existing database entries.

Hi Noris

I am grateful for your reply.

Yes - the folder on the NAS is properly identified in Roon. I have ripped a new CD into that folder on the NAS and this CD’s files are seen by the Roon Core. But any files that have been moved around on the NAS have not been identified by Roon and are missing. I have restarted the Roon Core (which is on a MacBook Air).

Looking for alternative reasons - is there a size or format of file that the Roon Core will not recognise? The missing files are and are Apple Lossless (m4A).

Any other thoughts on forcing recognition would be appreciated.


I guess, that forcing a rescan of your NAS-Folder will fix you up.
See screenshot as an example.

Thank you. I have tried that several times and also rebooted the Core. Neither have resulted in the files on the NAS appearing in the Roon Core.

Any other thoughts appreciated please.

Hi @Mark_Worsey,

Are the files by any chance showing up under Skipped Files? More info about skipped files can be found in our Skipped Files Guide.

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