Moving from 1.8 Legacy to 2.0: Roon Server hangs on Nuc

Roon Core Machine

Intel Nuc NUC7i7BNH 8GB RAM, latest BIOS:

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All components (Core, Remote) on LAN

Connected Audio Devices

MacMini M1 (2020), MacOS Monterey 12.6.3, Roon Remote 2.0 (installed today)

Number of Tracks in Library

9,500 tracks

Description of Issue

Today I finally intended to update from my old Roon Core (Legacy 1.8) running on a 10-year-old MacMini not capable of Roon 2.0. Some time ago, I already had Roon installed on an Intel Nuc NUC7i7BNH, which I now want to reinstall as Roon Server. From the old Roon Core, I first created a backup. I installed the latest BIOS (version 89) on the Nuc, and then the latest Roon Server software. Finally, I installed the latest Roon Remote software on both my new MacMini and an iPad. When launching Roon Remote, I was first asked to connect to the new core (which apparently was found on the network), but then there is only a spinning Roon loudspeaker and the software hangs.
What’s wrong, and how can I repair the setup?
Many thanks!

Here’s some more information withv screenshots: Roon finds the new Core on the LAN:

I can also access the core directly:

But when pushing the “connect”-button in the remote, the “loudspeaker”-symbol spins endlessly:

Hey @Markus_von_Kienlin,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues connecting to your new core.

Following up here, I was able to take a look into your account, and see most of your devices have successfully been online recently. Are you still running into issues here?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply! :+1:

Hey @benjamin ,
Many thanks for monitoring. After formatting the hard drive with another computer (Mac), I was able to install Roon 2.0 on the Rock Nuc. But now I have encountered another issue: after copying my iTunes music collection from my Mac (MacOS Ventura 13.2) to the internal storage of the nucleus, the Roon Server did not import about 2’500 of my close to 10’000 titles. The reason given for most of the skipped files is “audio_stream_format_not_supported”: these are all in the format .m4a - but all these files have worked fine with Roon 1.8. For some 200 further files the reason given is “io_failure”. Any clue how to resolve this issue?

Hey @Markus_von_Kienlin,

I’m glad to hear the installation was successful!

Can you provide more information about your process here? Did you have a hardwired connection to your router during this process?

Are there other .m4a tracks that were successfully imported? What bit depths are the tracks in question?

If possible, could you please upload a few of the issue tracks here, for our team to review?

Hey @benjamin

Yes, I had a hardwired LAN-connection for copying my music collection from my Mac to the internal storage of the nuc. I mounted the data-partition of the HD in the nuc via smb, and copied the music directory to the internal storage via drag-n-drop in the Apple finder.

All my .m4a-tracks are in the format “Apple lossless audio file”, coded directly from the CD. Most of them Roon has imported correctly, but quite a few were skipped with the error message “audio_stream_format_not_supported”. I have uploaded 6 of these files for your team to review. The bitrate of these lossless audio files varied from 600 up to 1’050 kBit/s (numbers given by the

Looking forward to your analysis, many thanks!

Hey @Markus_von_Kienlin,

Odd indeed! I was able to successfully import them on my end. I’d be curious to see what would happen if you take all the issue tracks, and set them up in a new folder, and see if you’re able to import them that way?

Beyond that, we’ll need you to reproduce the issue, and grab the specific date and time the issue occurs, and share that info here. Thank you :pray:

Hey @benjamin

I will try your suggestion setting up the issue tracks in a new folder. But first I’ll wait for the outcome of a forced rescan of the directory (settings > storage > force scan): This has been running now for three days, there still is the rotating circle segment in the upper right corner. Is there a way to verify whether that process hangs? is there a logfile somewhere? I still hesitate to reboot the nuc, will wait another day or two for the rescan to complete and see whether it has more success. My current suspicion is that the nuc (model NUC7i7BNH) may be overloaded when having to support a smb-connection, copying files, scanning its internal storage and streaming music all at once, thus I leave it mostly alone during the forced resan.

Click on the rotating arc itself - that should bring up a message with further information. That could tell us whether the process is stuck on a file…

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Hi @benjamin and @Geoff_Coupe

Thank’s for the tip to click on the rotating arc - the message was that the import is completed and is scanning now (see screenshot):

screenshot 2023-02-22 at 11.49.35

Yet, the situation becomes more and more confusing: from the 9’500 titles in the collection, it now says 6’064 have been imported - another 3’500 have disappeared!?! I am also repeatedly getting error messages when copying files to the internal storage. After all, it may be the internal HD (Western Digital Blue 2TB) which is defective. Before spending much more time sorting out the issue, I have ordered a new disk for the nuc and will let you know whether that solved the issue.

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Hi @benjamin and @Geoff_Coupe
The issue has been found - and my apologies for troubling you! Having replaced the Western Digital Blue HDD by a new Western Digital Blue SSD, everything works like a charm! I should have read earlier to stop the Roon Server before importing thousands of tracks. Copying my whole music library to the Intel Nuc was done in less than 60 min, and it took Roon just a few minutes more to analyze the whole library. I am very pleased again, and thanks for your help!
Cheers Markus

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