Moving from MBP to Intel Nuc

Hey Rooners

I have about 1000 albums, however, I find myself streaming more and more.

This is my current set-up.

2018 Macbook Pro running Roon Core (its sole use, but where my albums are also stored) It’s then connected to my Router via ethernet
Pi2Design Mercury V2 running RopieeeXL and connected to Router via ethernet
RME ADI-2 fs connected to Mercury V2 via coax

Question 1. Where does the magic happen? By this I mean is the DSP currently done on the Mac, before sending it to the Mercury V2. OR Is it done on the Mercury V2 before sending it to the RME?

Question 2. Is there a benefit to moving over to an Intel NUC8i3BEH running ROCK and dissing the Mac?

Cheers and Beers

DSP is done on the Roon Core, which is currently on your MacBook Pro.

It’s down to you as to whether you move the Core to a ROCK/NUC setup. Personally, I moved from running the Core on Windows to a ROCK/NUC years ago because I wanted a Roon music “appliance” that sat on the network and didn’t need constant fussing over.


You won’t gain performance with the elderly NUC. And if you would keep the MBP anyway because it’s your file storage, you just add complexity.

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This reduces the number of CPU cores (that Roon can use in addition to DSP) by half, and reduces the single thread performance (for DSP) by roughly 20%.

Unless you have determined to also transfer the library to the NUC in order to free up the Mac for other tasks or to sell it, I don’t suggest you to proceed with this downgrade.

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A little perspective is needed. The NUC8i3 is absolutely fine for the OP with a library this size. It will handle most DSP tasks, and simultaneously stream to multiple endpoints.

However, I recommend that the media files are local to the core; an attached USB drive is the simplest solution—keep master copies on the Mac and sync these to the NUC.

The advantage is an always on Roon appliance that can largely be forgotten.

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Many thanks for your quick and detailed replies Gentleman
So I guess that I am using the MBP as an “appliance” as you mentioned, because that’s all it does. (with the lid closed and hidden away)
For my own education, is the Mercury V2 running RopieeXL called a bridge or an endpoint or both?
I must admit that I am surprised that it’s the MBP that manipulates the “song” signal DSP 1st before sending said signal to the Mercury before it’s then sent to the RME.
I would have bet $100 that it was done by the Mercury, you learn something every day.

Strictly speaking, it’s a Roon Endpoint. “Roon Bridge” is a software package from Roon Labs that is used to create a Roon Endpoint on hardware.

Ropieee is a Linux-based operating system and app package created by @spockfish that uses the Roon Bridge package to build an endpoint for RPi hardware. RopieeeXL extends that functionality to provide support for services such as DLNA, Airplay, Spotify and others.

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