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. Deleted Roon off PC and put hard drive on iMac and tried to login to Roon to put it on this iMac as Pc is sold and Roon won't let me. I can log into account though. What do I do to rectify this? Thanks

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@Garrett_O_Doherty, welcome to the community. A fellow user here, but can you please provide additional information on

  1. how you moved your hard drive, and was this an external hard drive or internal hard drive from your now-sold PC to the iMac
  2. what type of hard drive you have and how it is formatted
  3. what version (e.g., year) of iMac you have
  4. what version of Roon you may have been using on the PC
  5. did you log out of Roon on your PC before you deleted the application

Also, did you make any backups or Roon from within the Roon application itself before you sold the PC, and if so, where are these backups stored?

Hey @Garrett_O_Doherty,

Following up on this thread, I see that your Mac core has been online just recently, are you still running into issues?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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Thanks. I have it figured out so far and up and running but in the new year I will be changing things out again and won’t be feeding my dad directly from my iMac. Just have to figure out which way I am going to do it. Some more thinking to do.

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