Moving from PC to Music Server [Solved]

I have been using Roon (1.2) on my Laptop with library on my Qnap 251 NAS with no problems.
Now I’ve just got an Anitpodes DS music server, i.e complete player & storage in one, and am trying to migrate across to using this with remote control by Laptop and iPad’s.
Setting up the Anitpodes with Roon Server & RoonReady is fine and before copying across the music library from my NAS to the DS I disconnected the library (which was only ‘watched’ not ‘organised’). Then I did an uninstall on Roon on the Laptop and deleted the Roon folder in the users/***/AppsData/local/.
After re installing Roon I try to set the Laptop up as ‘Remote’ to control the Antipodes DS but Roon will not allow me to do so.
It says my membership only allows me to authorise one device to manage my Library (which I understand). It then gives me the option to unauthorize the Antipodes. Not the PC and/or the Antipodes.
So how do I unauthorise my PC/laptop to enable me to set that up as a remote for the Antipodes? It seems to me I am not completely removing all the laptop settings somehow. I have tried reinstating on the Laptop with a view to unauthorising that machine but there do not seem to be any options for this.
At the moment I seem to be going around in circles.
Thanks for your help on this.

OK This seems to have resolved now.
Having repeated the process and then taken a ‘Windows Approach’, i.e. shut down restart & come back a few hrs later, all seems to work as it should.

The only thing I can think was different was I emptied the Recycle Bin. So perhaps a lesson there.

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