Moving home ip address

if you move home so you acquire a new ip address but use the same computer with roon core loaded on it is this problem free? i was wondering how roon will be able to identify me as the same account holder in a new location?

Will work without issues.

You can have multiple installations of Roon. But only one server can be active at a time. The IP address of the active core doesn’t matter. IP addresses change all the time.

many thanks so in theory i could have 2 roon cores in two completely different locations as long as i’m only logged into one. so roon identifies you by username/password not location.

Yup. Although I’m sure it’s more than just username/password. They generate unique ids for the Roon Core taking multiple factors into account

if i move to a new city which i may later this year it’s good to know my roon/tidal information is secure. many thanks mk

Backup before any move of course :wink: