Moving is such a pain

Hi folks. New Roonie here. Just installed yesterday and while in the free trial period, I think I can already say I’m going to be a long time subscriber. I’ve got a dumb question though: We’ve recently moved and I can’t locate the drive I know has my complete library on it. (I can’t find my electronic toothbrush either.) If I were to hook up a back up drive that may or may not have my complete library and then switched to the complete drive once it’s found, am I going to get a ton of duplicate files or will Roon recognize the redundancy and deal with it?

latter case applies :wink:

just remember to unplug the “temporary” drive before connecting the good one

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Short answer, Roon will deal with it.
But it may look like this: You may get duplicate files that point to the old drive and give an error when you click on them. If you went to Settings>Library>Library Maintenance and click on Clean up Library you’ll probably have a large number of files “that are not associated with a storage location”. You can click “Clean up Library” and the unassociated duplicates will be removed.
I say ‘probably’ because Roon will also do this clean up if you reboot Roon. So depending on how you go about things, you may never notice this issue.

Hi, maybe a related issue,… I have just tried out ROON on my Win10 PC and I am have made my mind up for a more solid solution.
I installed ROCK on a NUC (without OP) with 8GB and 256GB SSD. All worked fine but now it can not find my music storage on my PC drive.
The "Choose Storage Folder " side doesn t show any folders found. I dont understand how I a can add the path and I don t get lots of help from the guides… Can someone kind explain what I should do?

You need to get the network path for your Windows drive.
The easiest way to do this is to use Windows Explorer and go to the drive that has your music. Right click on that folder, select Properties, then go to the Sharing Tab. You should see a network path that looks something like \\HaraldsPC\users\Harald\music
Copy the \\HaraldsPC\users and use this for the new folder under Roon’s Settings>Storage by selecting Add Network Share. You only need \\HaraldsPC\users. Then enter the Username you use to log into your PC and the password for that PC. Do not use a Windows account username and password. Add that Network Share, then go to that new folder and select the correct path down to your Music folder location (the whole tree will appear).
You need to be sure the Music folder on the PC is being shared, or this won’t work.

Thanks, got it up and running now!