Moving Library - One Quick Question

I’ve moved my library to another NAS. The one thing I can’t seem to “get” is restoring my library.

I’ve zapped the original watched folders. At this point I’m ready to restore. Do I;

Just do a “restore library”


Create new watched folders (to the new NAS) then restore.

It’s unclear to me. I’m trying to avoid the lengthy (but necessary) audio analysis.

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I hope this will help you…

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I’ve read that. I have more than one folder. So I’m thinking as soon as I add one folder it will start a rescan.

I have zero experience with changing the location of my files. But my guess is that all audio analysis information is stored in your database. The important thing would be that Roon knows that your files are still the same, although they are stored on another disc.
Your database here is not your music files. It is the information that Roon has about the files: how many times you played them, what tags were added to them, to which playlists they belong etc. This database is located at the same location where Roon-the-computer-program is stored.
You asked whether you had to restore your library. Do you mean: restore backup? That’s not what your situation is about. You have done nothing to your database, you have moved your music files.
Nonetheless: it’s always good to have recent backups of your database.

If you follow the instructions in the link provided by @Arlen then everything will work just fine.
All you are doing is moving the location (& removing the old) Roon will rescan any new folders and make comparisons and add any new items found. New local files, if there are any, will also be analysed.

I appreciate the info but I did something wrong. Roon is still point at the original library not the new one. My music is stored in 6 shares all in the root directory. The library restored just fine BUT it’s still pointing at the old NAS not the new one. :confused:

Arlen, I do have a backup. Two in fact. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what I did wrong.

Edit the storage location to the equivalent new storage location and you won’t get re-analysis.


Have you removed or disabled the old folders, if not everything will be duplicated. You shouldn’t need to do a restore unless your current database is corrupt.
I recently moved my music files to a new area but needed to reuse the old locations for other purposes, the result can be seen in the screenshot.