Moving library to NAS

iMac late 2015 27" Catalina / latest Roon version

Ziggo Connect Box router / Ethernet connection with iMac which contains core

USBridge connected to AVM A30 amplifier

This weekend I want to move my music library (32.000 Apple Lossless tracks) from external USB disc connected to iMac to a Synology NAS. So far so good I think.
My question is how to deal with my Roon playlists, tags, etc. after the library has moved to the NAS. Do they still point to the old storage position on the USB Drive?
If so, is there a way to solve it easily? I don’t like the idea of rebuilding all my playlists…

Library backup. (Just in case)
Unmount the storage from roon.
Move the files.
Mount the new storage location.

The library will be intact just pointing to new locations. The link below is the response to me asking exactly the same question in the reverse direction.

Great thanks a lot. Should have seen this article myself :thinking:

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I had to go ask myself, no worries.

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